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  • Saw Mr. Graham August 23 - 07:35 pm

    Here you can tell Mr. Graham and all users of the site where, when, and how you saw him during the trip.

  • Education November 17 - 08:09 pm

    Students, teachers, and others with interest in the site and its educational value can place their comments, questions, and suggestions here.

  • Words of Encouragement November 1 - 09:53 pm

    Much of the email Mr. Graham receives takes the form of letters of support and encouragement. Here, we offer an alternative setting for those letters, and allow users to share their opinions through the site.

  • American Indians in the US August 16 - 02:23 am

    From the July 7 Journal:

    Do we just chalk our Indian situation in America up to "the inevitable" or do we examine our national personality a little more deeply? (Can we draw any comparisons between the depersonalized 'Columbine HS mentality' and the depersonalized 'Exterminate the red man mentality'?)

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